After Paparazzi Encounter, Blake Lively Requests People to “Stop the Scary Exploitation” of Celebrity Kids

While Blake Lively is known for its entertaining and smooth social media posts, her latest Instagram storey demonstrates that she will not play her children.

Recently, the 33-year-old actress took Instagram to explain why it was vital to demand privacy for celebrities, which comes days after slamming a tabloid for posting paparazzi photographs of her and three children from Ryan Reynold – James, 6, Inez, 4, and Betty, 21 months.

On Monday, 19 July, Blake praised the Comments By Celebs account for sharing her caring plea in Instagram stories. She asked photographers and media outlets not to publish images of the minors of Stars’ families.

The Gossip Girl alum captioned her tweet, “And thanks to everybody—presentations, accounts, all the Peoples—who laid down their feet to end the scary exploitation of the Child. “You’ve already made a difference!!! Thank you very much. Thank you.”

In her piece, she talked about Comments By Celebs with an A Simple Favor actress.

The IG account shared the initial Blake message on Saturday, 17 July on the paparazzi pictures replied by the A-lister, “Thank you for sharing. Thank you. One simple thing people can do is cease and block all publishing materials or handles that publish children’s images.”

She went on to say, “Feel free to report. Or send a message to share why you’re not following them. However, this is an easy technique to identify solely with morally moral publications. And there are so many who do.”

As she has said, “Everyone tries to serve a public. Thus the publication, or the account, will do the publishing if this publication makes it obvious that they don’t want anything— like pictures of children collected by the men who fear and stalk them.”

“This is the only reason so many have stopped already,” Blake explained. “Because the people requested it. So thank you to all who have already made this impact. And thanks for sharing again. It’s frightening.”

Blake’s recent update originates from her want to set limits with the paparazzi once she felt that a boundary had been crossed.

“My kids were stalked all day by a man. Jumping outside. And hiding then.” She related this encounter and said, “Here’s your morality. A stranger on the street got into words with them because it was so upset some for them to see?” I want to know that. Or don’t you care about children’s safety?”

Blake termed this prickly “fear” and asked it to “listen to your followers at least.” At least.

“They know too, and it’s dark and annoying that you hire somebody to stalk kids,” she said. “Please quit hiding and hunting youngsters by paying grown-ass males. You can publish lots of photos without the children. Remove, please. C’mon. Get with times.”


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