The entire world is in shock after Harry Brant’s death. He was the youngest son of Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant. Currently, the fashion world is remembering the 24 years old socialite and scion. The model and writer passed away from an accidental overdose. He was living with his elder sibling, Peter Brant Jr.

Coming from an artistic family, the 24 years old’s wardrobe was filled with statement-making attires, and his social media feed was filled with beautiful fashion history. He, along with his brother, Peter, had a gender-pushing fashion. So whenever they arrived at any event, they never failed to leave people in awe. The presence at the social scenes was the success of the lush parties.

When he held his dinner parties, his one-liners were famous too. Harry once said that whenever people ask him what he does, he would say icon and that is what he did. Among these two siblings, Harry had a daring fashion. He loved to do various hairstyles and let some strands of hair fall on his face to add some drama.

Aside from this, he also loved to play with makeup. Many times, on various occasions, he was spotted with rouged cheeks and metallic cat eyes. In 2015, he and his brother launched their unisex make-up line called MAC. They not only wanted the girls to try their products but also hoped men could embrace the cosmetics.

Harry wrote in one of the interviews that when he wore make-up, he felt like it was his armor, which he could wield any way he wanted. He loved to do other’s make-up because he knew how the tiniest product could make a person feel. He said that doing that would strengthen their inner beauty, and that was very magical.

Aside from make-up, he also shared his deep knowledge about his mother’s modeling oeuvre. His Instagram was filled with the tidbits of the BTS, which he received from his mother. If you haven’t checked out his profile, then have a look at his Instagram pictures below.

Final Words

Isn’t his Instagram account a symbol of art? His fans and followers loved him for his inner beauty and unabashed self-expression. Though his life was filled with glam, Harry was suffering from drug addiction. Sources reveal that he was supposed to enter a rehab center. The 24 years old achieved a lot in his adult years, but sadly, we won’t be able to see more of him and his achievements in the future.

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