After four smartphone tragedies in three days in West Bengal, experts urge parents to balance firmness with gentleness

Overzealous parents grabbing gadgets away from children who had returned to physical education courses last week or were spending an inordinate amount of time on them are suspected of being a factor in many deaths in the city and abroad. 

It has depressed many children and teenagers to the point where some have tried suicide, according to experts.

Since Thursday, four Bengali youngsters have committed themselves as a result of a disagreement with their parents over the use of their cell phones: Smartphone Tragedies

While many parents believe it is time to turn off gadgets now that school has begun, doctors advocate doing so gradually to avoid experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. 

According to psychiatrist Praveen Kumar, internet addiction is no different than addiction to cigarettes or alcohol. 

It is implausible to expect kids who have previously used cell phones or computers for school work to quickly give them up. Kumar cautioned that this could result in a potentially fatal reaction.

“As parents must understand, this dependence to electronic devices will not vanish overnight. Weaning a child must be gradual. A smart place to start is by minimizing one’s exposure to electronic devices “Kumar continued.

smartphone tragedies in three days in West Bengal
smartphone tragedies in three days in West Bengal

In the West, this sort of addiction is referred to as “digital heroin.” According to Hrishikesh Kumar, head of the neurology department at the Institute of Neurosciences in Kolkata, a significant proportion of adolescents in the city are addicted to electronics and require assistance weaning themselves (INK).

Both heroin and technology equipment undergo a series of chemical reactions

With time, the frontal brain becomes accustomed to the stimulus and requires it more regularly. Subsequently, the behaviour develops into an addiction. 

Addiction to electronics can alter the neurochemical balance of the frontal cortex, transforming you into a different person, just as addiction to narcotics or alcohol can “he continued.

“Frequently, parents are addicted to their electronic devices. On the other hand, they wish for their children to reject or abandon them entirely. 

To assist children in avoiding electronics, parents should focus on overcoming their own addictions, spending more time with them, and cultivating a healthy family environment.

 To be clear, given our overall reliance on technology, this plan must be sound “Dr. J Ram, a psychiatric physician, stated.

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