After denying of wearing safety mask, Bruce Wills asked to leave shop.

Everyone is going to resonate with us that global pandemic of has defined new normal in 2020. One of those normal is wearing mask, which is very new for everyone.

But seems like eminent actor of Hollywood, Bruce Willis is not yet ready to adapt with this new normal. Must be thinking about what happened right?

Recently, “Perfect Stranger” star was seen inside the store of Los Angeles Right Aid refused to wear mask instead of the fact that mask is for own safety. He was tying the mask around his neck with support of ears which can be easily fell away and was of no use to have.

How did we know?

Apart from sources, media also asked store owner about the same. He said that Willis gave autograph to his fans without having his mask on. When asked to wear the mask, he refused. This was too bad as a part of actor.

You can also see in attached video below that actor was seen mask-less-

Something about Bruce Willis:

Whole lockdown period of Bruce Willis was spent with Demi Moore, his former wife, to whom he married in 1987. He is having three kids with her- Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. Willis is currently married to Emma Heming. This marriage is not legally banded.

COVID-19 status in the country:

It is a fact to be noted that in Los Angeles, total cases are about to touch 10 Lakh. And in California, it is all about 2.82 Million.

It is heavy signal of alert. And in this sensitive situation of danger, even a small negligence can take your life. So, follow the norms and rules laid by government.

  • Wear your mask properly (not like Bruce Willis)
  • Carry your sanitizer wherever you go.
  • Maintain social distancing at public places. 

Now, along with following COVID-19 norms, follow our space to get more updates.


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