Dark web and deep web are two distinct terms. Both dark web and deep web offer data encryption and online privacy. The deep web is safe and contains harmless content. However, the dark web also includes illegal and harmful content that can get you into some serious trouble. People often use the dark web to transfer highly sensitive and private data. Moreover, social issues are often discussed more independently over the dark web. 

The dark web is full of unethical hackers, serial killers, child pornography materials, and other illegal activities. It can be used for both legal and illegal activities. It depends upon the intent of the users.

You should always access the dark web through a “TOR” browser. You should also use a VPN while surfing through the dark web.

The onion routers (TOR) are special protocol servers that cannot be detected through search engines. Tor Browser can be installed just like the regular internet browsers, and it provides complete anonymity. Your search will be totally anonymous on the TOR browser, and the website publishers will also be anonymous because of special encryption. 

Five advanced cyberprivacy tips when surfing on the dark web

Following are the five advanced cyber protection tips you should know before surfing the dark web:

  1. Use TAILS operating system:

The amnesic incognito live system (TAILS) is an operating system that ensures the privacy of the user. All the operations from TAILS are subjected to pass through the TOR network for anonymous search results. Non-anonymous search results are automatically blocked by TAILS. It works in a similar fashion to live DVD or USB that is booted without leaving any digital footprints behind. TOR network provided the initial funding for the development of TAILS, and that makes it a great companion of the dark web.

  1. Use a VPN:

A VPN can easily protect your identity and ensure safe web browsing. VPN is used to protect and hide your IP address from hackers and data piracy. It is advisable for users to buy a VPN before surfing the dark web. VPN helps in encrypting the data that you want to share through the dark web and it effectively blocks the entry of third parties, hackers, and scammers from breaching your privacy. Always connect through your VPN before entering the TOR or other dark web browsers.

  1. Protect your identity:

It would be best if you took some extra precautions to keep the necessary anonymity over the dark web. You should never use your original name, working emails, phone numbers, and photos on the dark web. It is a best practice to avoid using the old email and password on the dark web because it can weaken your privacy. It is advised to avoid changing the window size on dark web browsers on a touch screen because it can reveal your fingerprints. You should never open a downloaded file from TOR before disconnecting the internet. If possible, don’t try to download any material from the dark web because there is no regulatory body on the dark web. That is why it is full of scammers and hackers.

  1. Anonymous cryptocurrency wallet:

The payment through the dark web is made through bitcoin and other famous cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency doesn’t involve banks in the mutual transfer of funds. However, if you use your regular bitcoin wallet, it can easily reveal your identity on the dark web. Remember, the dark web is all about privacy and incognito activities. You have to stay anonymous on the dark web. Otherwise, you can get into some serious trouble. 

  1. Disable plugins:

Plugins and data scripts are often used on regular browsers. However, it is advised to prevent the use of these plugins on the dark web. You should always disable your plugins and javascript to avoid a potential breach in your privacy. Moreover, you should always use the HTTPS version of websites on the dark web. It prevents your data from getting exposed to third-party networks.


The dark web is full of scammers, hackers, and criminals. With Tor browser, VPN & TAILS operating system you can protect your identity on the dark web and prevent third parties from breaching your privacy. Money transfer(s) on the dark web is done by cryptocurrencies (e.g., bitcoin), therefore you should always use an anonymous bitcoin wallet if you don’t want to reveal your identity.


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