Adopting Board Management Software

Safe access to business-related information is essential for board members. Corporate data of the company must be available to directors at any time and in any place. Therefore, most companies use special software for board meeting voting, or agreeing on important issues. Round-the-clock access to discussion materials, an electronic signature tool, customizable user rights — this is only a small part of the service for online meetings of board members.

What is the Board Portal?

A board portal is a secure web-based service that enables meeting management, communication, and collaboration between Directors and the Board Secretariat. All information materials are provided to meeting participants in mobile applications or on specialized websites. Such software has the following advantages:

  • the service translates communication within the board of directors and executive management into the digital space;
  • It optimizes joint work within the board of directors;
  • It ensures maximum data security;
  • It provides for transparency and control of what happens during meetings;
  • the service is available online and offline — anytime, anywhere.

Board meeting software streamlines the communication and collaboration carried out by members of the board of directors. The boards’ secretaries manage meetings and documents through a web browser.

Why Use Board Portal Software?

Board members should have the ability to gather at any moment, and it is critical that virtual meetings comply with security regulations and run through secure and reliable software. That’s where board room software comes in handy — a modern tool for the effective work of board members of commercial and non-profit organizations.

Objectives you can discuss via a board portal:

  • The attraction of additional financing.
  • Maintaining or expanding market share. Issues of takeovers or reduction of regions for the sales market.
  • Risk and innovation management. Creation of a protocol of behavior in case of financial risks of the company. Implementation of innovative methods of work of employees or new technologies in the production of goods.
  • Issues of company self-sufficiency. Creating a sustainable system that allows the company not to depend entirely on the founder. 

The use of board of directors software gives the executives round-the-clock access to important information. Members can leave comments, take notes, participate in voting, or use an electronic signature. You may be located in different cities, but you will still be able to participate in the meeting and use the necessary electronic documents for this.

Key Features of Board Portals

Meeting participants can access information through a mobile app or web browser. At the same time, such software can be used on any modern device with Internet access. It is also possible to create and edit information in offline mode. The functions and options of the portals differ, depending on the provider and the cost of the service package. However, we will make a quick overview of the main features of the virtual boardroom.

  • Homepage

Information about the next meeting is displayed here, including a list of participants, time, and a list of important questions. In addition, the main page can display data on recent comments and notes left by participants.

  • Information about Current Meetings

This page displays each of your committee’s meetings, as well as all the documents required for it.

  • Working with Electronic Documents

Read important documents, highlight important facts, and add your comments and annotations.

  • Search for Information

Software solutions for directors offer a full-text search of all documents in the digital library.

  • Polls and Voting

Take part in the discussion of documents in open or anonymous voting.

At the same time, most programs for holding virtual meetings of boards of directors also have an additional set of tools. The secretary can schedule shareholders’ meetings, invite new users, and set the access level for each participant. During online board meetings, participants can review documents, manage document flow, and create personal directories.

Virtual Boardroom Data Security

All documents and information are stored on local servers with individual infrastructure. This gives users of the service control over access to data, which prevents unauthorized use. You create a meeting, invite participants, and open access only to the information that you see fit. The database containing the most important documents is encrypted using the most advanced technology. As a security guarantee, you get:

  • a comprehensive solution — a central secure platform for storing information and discussing important tasks;
  • advanced technologies — the software implies the use of two-way authentication and 256-bit encryption;
  • improved administration process — information about voting, visiting the platform, and changes made are stored in an electronic data log;
  • audit of activities within the platform — data logs are easily automated and stored in digital form, which saves administrator time and ensures more secure and long-term storage of information.

Documents are synchronized with the devices of board members on a need-to-know basis. The data transmitted during synchronization is always encrypted. Meeting participants can use mobile or stationary devices to work with documents or to take part in virtual voting. The ability to track user activities with a log provides maximum security control. You can see who and when made changes to the document or simply viewed the data of the service. This will prevent information leakage or make it possible to identify the data thief.


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