Actor Sonu Sood mortgages his Eight Mumbai properties to raise a sum of Rs. 10 Crores for the people in need

The Dabang starrer, Sonu Sood has always been there in the spotlight for his philanthropic and humanitarian deeds. However, this time he won hearts by mortgaging eight of his properties to raise a stupendous amount of Rs. 10 Crore for the needy. 

He is reported to mortgage six of flats, jointly owned by him and his wife, Sonali and two of his shops. He is reported to pay a registration fee of Rs. 5 lakhs to raise the fund. His deeds received an astonishing amount of appraisal from fans and fellow celebs.

Due to the outbreak of Covid 19, a large number of migrant workers got stranded and were not able to get home. Sonu Sood came to their rescue by hiring buses for safely returning the workers to their respective homes. He got the government’s permission to carry out his humanitarian missions.

In May, Sonu Sood helped around 200 girls stranded in Kerala during lockdown to get back home. When the news of their predicament reached him, Sonu Sood, by taking permission from the state government, arranged special flights and was successful in opening the Kochi and Bhubaneswar airports. 

It has been reported that in August, Sonu Sood offered shelters and jobs in the garment factory under the banner of his Pravasi Rojgar initiative. Isn’t that heartwarming? He’s doing such a great job. We need more people like him.

For his unparalleled service in the times of distress, Sonu Sood was awarded the SDG Special Humanitarian Action Award. This was awarded by the United Nations Development Program in September this year. 

The humanitarian aid provided by Sonu Sood is undefined. The slightest contribution towards the betterment of the society fills you with a certain kind of satisfaction and joy. This should be the spirit of humankind: Happy to Help!

Hope he continues this as we have very few like him, and for more such interesting reads, Stay Tuned!


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