ABBA reveals details of their reunion after nearly 40 years away from the music scene

This autumn, ABBA will make a big comeback with a 10-track new album and a virtual concert. On November 5, Voyage, the band’s first studio album since 1981’s The Visitors, will be released.

“I Still Have Faith in You” and “Dont Shut Me Down” are two of the new songs from the album that have been released. The ’70s disco vibes are likely to be strong this Christmas. A custom-built arena at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will host the virtual event, which will run seven concerts a week starting in May 2022. With the help of the newest motion capture technology, the band will be represented as a digital replica of themselves as they were in 1979.

Ticketmaster opens its doors to the general public at 10am on Tuesday, September 7 for the general public to purchase tickets. Bjorn Ulvaeus told the BBC that when Benny Andersson performed the tune for ‘I Still Have Faith in You,’ he knew it had to be about the band. It’s about realizing that where we are is unimaginable.

“Neither of them could have dreamed that after 40 years they would still be best of friends and record a new album together! Is anyone else familiar with this area of the world? Nobody.” Not shut me down is another song by Voyage about a sweetheart who returns years after she departed.

In addition to Benny, “”I believe it’s really excellent,” he says of the new record. The best we could accomplish at our age.” While on The One Show this week, the Swedish musicians reflected on how they came to produce their first album in nearly 40 years, which was released this week.

Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad agreed to sing a few of songs for us because we have a concert coming up next year here in London, according to Benny. In my opinion, everything changed from that point onwards. While waiting for them to arrive to the studio, I was thinking, “I haven’t questioned them yet if they can still sing.”

To which Bjorn said, “that moment when they sang together… and that unique sound which only they can generate came out, as well as us still being able to work together because we wanted to.”


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