A Newly Revealed Marvel Art Imagines Henry Cavill To Show Up As Captain Britain, Here Is What You Should Know

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe via WandaVision is celebrating a slight return to normalcy, there is also a broader cinematic image to be regarded.

The vast universe is beginning to break into some curious ones, and we venture to suggest mind-bending corridors, and it seems like there’s space for a lot of other heroes to debut with the multiverse about to open up. We have a pretty amazing look at one such contender, a big thanks to some fanart shared online, as Captain Britain has recently been imagined as being played for the role of Superman by Henry Cavill. 

We have a stunning look at what Brian Braddock’s superpowered alter-ego in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could look like, the art is designed by artist Arkin Tyagi. And even better, the possible casting of Cavill in the role was presented in complete costumed regalia via the Instagram post of Tyagi shared below.

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The introduction of Henry Cavill as the character, until we step into any more complexities. The Captain Britain look is something that totally suits Cavill to a tee for a position that has seen the likes of both Orlando Bloom and Simon Pegg who once mentioned Cavill in the list as candidates as well.

And in all honesty, the experience of the actor in the world of comic films certainly gave him an upper hand, since he’s almost always in the physically taxing type needed by a Marvel dedication. So, unless Pegg wants to give a run for his money to Kumail Nanjiani’s MCU transformation novel, Cavill may be the one Marvel is looking for.

This is, of course, a question of whether or not Henry Cavill will hop ship over to Marvel at this point in time in his career. While it is not unusual for actors to vault over the fence between the movie machines of DC and Marvel, it also seems like the time of Cavill in the DC Extended Universe (or what happens to it these days) is not finished yet.

The response to the Justice League of Zack Snyder could provide us a clearer idea of whether this discussion is an ongoing issue or not since the prospect of returning the SnyderVerse could give Henry Cavill in the DC sandbox some more time.

Fans and artists dream that casting a part like this is natural and thrilling these days before there’s even a hint of an official action plan. As Marvel Studios is poised to plunge into the multiverse, Captain Britain will definitely like to use a character that Kevin Feige would want to use, as each dimension has its own Captain Britain.

Henry Cavill may just be one of them if the stars and contractual commitments coincide, but no one will be sure before those official announcements come.


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