ViewSonic, an American electronic company based in California, has introduced a range of new monitors at the Consumer Electronics Show, 2021. the event was held live due to Coronavirus pandemic. The most impressive product by the company was an 8K premium monitor, VP3286-8K which supports multiple connectivity options.

The company has revealed a number of gaming laptops, there is a 4K projector with LED-based portable projector with smart connectivity.

There were some other monitors also unveiled by the company which will be cheaper than the projector beast. There was a 27-inch monitor also which will be sold for $1000. There is another affordable monitor also for $900. The cheaper laptops will also have the same connectivity options but there will not be will not have the same colours and functionality that the expensive one will have. That is practical as why would one buy the expensive one if he can already get it in the cheaper variant.

The company announced five ColourPro monitors, five elite gaming monitors, four portable monitors and three projectors which make a total of 18 products by the company. It seems like a large number of devices releasing together, but many of the announcements do not generically make a big impression if they announce one or two products. So, companies just try to make a huge announcement so that they will catch the eyes.

As per the ViewSonic director Jeff Muto, ViewSonic will continue to provide great display solutions for any kind of requirements. It will be perfect for all kinds of needs, whether you want to play games or stream movies or shows, it will be just perfect.

As per the director, their latest display was designed especially for gamers. It will ensure next generation gaming and take the whole watch experience to the next level.

We will soon get to try the monitor and then we’ll know how good it is. Did you like the ViewSonic Monitor?


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