A new kind of phishing has come where people are becoming victims of getting cheated through PayPal. The fraudsters are targeting users with fraudulent text messages and the ones who get into their messages get cheated. 

The exploits try to steal sensitive and personal information of users and their PayPal credentials also. The campaign starts as the exploit sends text message to user in which it says that the account of user has been suspended as they have done some suspicious activity. Then they provide some link to the user where the user is asked to click on their link which will enable them to verify their account.

These kind of fraud schemes have been increasing everyday where fraudster tries to fool the user and steal information out of them. This is a new tactic used by those exploiters. The link goes to a fake login website which looks like a legit page but really is a fake one. It leads to a questionnaire kind of page where it asks multiple questions about user. The page asks for multiple details like their name, addresses, bank account and debit card details which might help the fraudster to steal money from user’s bank account.


If someone click on that link which comes in that phishing text message and gives them that sensitive information, then there are surely chances of you getting theft.

To not getting into such exploitation, you should never click on such links. If you click on such links anyhow, then the first thing that you should do is to change your account password quickly. If you keep using the same password, then there are chances that the exploits will steal the data.

There have been a lot of cases where even smart people also got targeted by such phishing campaigns. You should be very aware of getting targeted by such attacks. You should never click on such links ever. We will tell you if such campaigns come again in the market. Till then, be aware of such frauds and make sure that you do not click on such links.


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