A Michigan bodybuilder and a Tennessee guy have been indicted in a brutal attack on Capitol police.

An indictment against two more individuals was released by the Justice Department on Tuesday, charging them with the January 6 attack on police officers defending the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, DC.

Assaulting a police officer with a dangerous weapon, inflicting bodily injury on police officers, and accessing a restricted facility or grounds were among the charges against Logan James Barnhart and Ronald Colton McAbee, both bodybuilders from Michigan.

Two D.C. police officers were assaulted on the lower west terrace of the Capitol building, and the men were indicted as the sixth and seventh defendants. Attacking them will be Clayton Ray Mullins, Jack Wade Whitton, Jeffrey Sabol, Peter Francis Stager and Michael John Lopatic Sr.

“A.W.”, a D.C. police officer who had a “laceration that caused him to bleed from the skull, and required staples to fix it,” was one of the cops injured in the assault, according to a federal judge who ordered Whitton to remain in detention in April.

“B.M.” and “A.W.” can be seen wading into the mob to save someone they believe is “being trampled” in the footage, which the DOJ eventually provided. Prosecutors claim that’s when Whitton “began striking B.M. with a crutch.” the officer’s head and helmet then drags him in a prone posture down the steps over officer “A.W.”, who is still trying to hold the police line, the court records state.

Peter Stager, a co-defendant, is accused of assaulting the officer “with an American flag on a pole” at this point. An MPD officer described as “A.W.” is also said to have been pulled into the mob and allegedly kicked by Whitton while lying on the ground.

“A.W.” was also hit with poles by other people, according to the prosecution. Authorities claim Whitton afterwards sent a photo of his bloodied fingers with the caption, “This is coming from a terrible officer… Indeed I gave him to the people as a food item. I have no idea how he is doing. So don’t care as well.”

Justice Department continues to build group cases around some of the most prolonged attacks on officers on January 6, which led to the current indictment. Three additional defendants were indicted last week in the DOJ’s Capitol tunnel attack case: David Mehaffie of Ohio, Steven Cappuccio of Texas and Federico Klein of the State Department.

Tuesday afternoon, it was unclear if Barnhart and McAbee had made their initial appearances before a judge.


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