A guide to tool storage solutions

No matter if it is at home or at work, tools can quickly accumulate and make the area you work in look unorganised and messy. This can also lead to certain tools getting lost or damaged if there is no designated place for them to be kept in.

If you are struggling to find a solution to keep your tools safe, organised and easy to find at all times, there is no need to worry. Keep reading to find out the best tool storage solutions so you can decide on the right one for your workplace.


Toolboxes have proven to be one of the most common ways in which people store their tools. Manufactured from durable materials, often metal or plastic, they allow you to keep all your tools in one sturdy container and some are even fitted with castors so you can wheel the toolbox around with you on the go. They are highly portable (as most are also fitted with handles) and keep your tools fully enclosed and protected from damage.

You can find heavy-duty toolboxes that feature drawers, cantilever trays and removable bins, all of which provide an extra level of organisation and super easy access to your entire kit. Some models are also fitted with locks as an extra security precaution to protect against theft, vandalism and misuse.

Tool cabinets

Tool cabinets, also known as roller cabinets, are also a very popular storage solution in many garages and workshops. They provide another great way to declutter your space and ensure that your tools aren’t all over the place.

As their name suggests, roller cabinets are mounted on castor wheels which makes them very easy to move around and they provide quick access to items when working. This makes them great for working in large spaces where you may need to move from one place to another with your tools, constantly.

Roller cabinets come fitted with ergonomically designed handles that make wheeling them around effortless, even if they are filled with heavy tools. They allow you to store tools well above ground level, so you won’t need to bend over to search for tools, which is great for those who suffer from back and shoulder aches and pains.

Tool chests

If you are searching for something a little more static, then tool chests are the choice for you. They are usually made from high-quality metal with a stain-resistant finish to protect your tools and keep them safe from damage.

An organised tool chest can make your tasks quicker and more efficient, which is always a bonus when it comes to any job.

Tool bags

When moving from one job to another throughout the day, you want something portable yet strong enough to hold everything you need.

Tool bags are the perfect option if you work on the move. Many feature main compartments for larger tools, such as drills, saws and hammers, as well as internal and external pockets that can be used to store smaller tools so they are easy to find.

They also usually have zipper closures to help protect tools from the elements and keep them contained, and come with shoulder pads for your comfort.


If you want all your tools to be organised while still being visible and instantly accessible, consider installing a pegboard.

A pegboard is widely available, inexpensive and proves to be a great way of storing tools. The first step is to purchase a perforated panel that is large enough for your wall; then install it where it is easily accessible to everyone who may need to use tools from it.

All that is left to do is simply hang up your tools and the best part is, you can rearrange your pegboard as many times as you like to fit in with the work you carry out.  


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