If you are an RPG fan then you must be playing the latest Division 2 game. The game has become the finest in the genre in short time. Today we bring to you the news that recently, the games’ exotics weapons list has been updated. Here is guide to them so that you can decide which new weapon or ability is best suited for you.


Acosta’s Go-Bag: The bag grants a special ability after grenade usage for 15 seconds and enables one to carry more of everything. With this bag, you can carry 25% more ammo and get +10% status effects and +10% repair skills.

The Bighorn: A versatile exotic rifle, it deals 450% damage to the enemy with every shot fired. Perfect weapon for boss fights.

Bullet King: A gun that never needs reloading and ensures a difficulty drop depending upon the game difficulty you have selected. A drop of 1% for normal difficulty, 3% for hard, 5% for challenging, and 7% for heroic difficulty. 

Coyote’s Mask: The mask makes scoring a critical hit easy when playing with your squad. The more near your squad is to the enemy, the easier it will be to score critical hit. 

Imperial Dynasty: This exotic holster applies a burn status to all enemies within 20m of you.

Lady Death: This SMG gains stacks while running and sprinting. These stacks are then used to deal 60% extra damage to the enemy from each bullet hitting them from the gun.  

Ninjabike Messenger Kneepads: These kneepads ensure fast reloading. Jump over a cover or move around between them and your weapon will be reloaded.

Tardigrade Armor System: This armor system makes you gain 80% armor bonus for 10 seconds when all your teammate’s armors break.

Note that all these new exotics are part of the new Warlords of New York expansion and will be available only upon the purchase of the new expansion. Comment your new favorite exotic in the comments below.


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