A giant women character is fast becoming a trademark of games developed by Ubisoft. Be it Assassin’s Creed DLC or Immortals Fenyx Rising, there is a giant women character in the games whom fans have started to love immensely. Taking this trend forward is maybe Resident Evil Village. What are we talking about? Let us explain.


Ubisoft right now is in the process of making the game Resident Evil Village, a game based on the film franchise of the same name. For this game, a teaser was released by the Resident Evil Showcase team that runs a dedicated YouTube channel to provide RE related news. The teaser was released on 14th January 2021. It is just 30 seconds long. In these 30 seconds the video introduces the new game with some fast game play in a dark village and presumably in a hall of a house in the village.

The most important thing is that in the video giant women can be seen, who seem to be mocking that we are waiting for you! This obsession of giant women started with Assassin’s Creed DLC and Immortals Fenyx Rising. Both the games feature very attractive and beautiful giant women and the case might not be the same in Resident Evil Village.

A full length trailer for the game is also coming out on 21st January 2021 at 10pm GST. The trailer will have more information on the new game. Set a reminder in your calendars so that you do not miss the all important information.


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