A Decision: Kuo: Apple won’t Release of Iphone SE Model In H1 2021 Is

MyFixGuide report says that Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple analyst confirmed that there will not be an iPhone SE in the first half of 2021. But why? The reason is something you would never expect of.

The all-new iPhone SE (2020 Version) is said to be a great in-budget iPhone model. But apart from its great features at very pocket-friendly pricing, we will not be seeing these two in the first half of 2021. So, iPhone SE 3 and iPhone SE 2021 are confirmed not going to be released in 1H21.

Although the prediction was a part of the vast survey on across-the-board optics market. However, it’s around four Apple suppliers we’re into an intense battle for offering cameras to the new iPhone 13.

This might can affect the production of an eventual iPhone SE (2021) and is somehow likely to occur for sure.

Moreover, the effect of increased competition on Taiwan’s Genius Electronic Optical (GSEO) is misjudged by the market. This report has also been added by the officials with the report from know analyst. 

This iPhone model is said to be the cheapest available iPhone model in the present market and also became quite popular among the masses upon launch. 

It’s also been listed in the report that GSEO completed almost 50℅ orders of the ultra-wide lens for the latest iPhone 12 model. 

Until now, there’s no update by Apple regarding any information on iPhone 13 or iPhone SE. 

These models soon after the launch gained massive popularity and great response from the buyers. Moreover, said to be the best selling iPhone alongside the iPhone 11 last quarter. 

Although there’s no new date specified by Kuo. He only confirmed that you won’t be going to get this on the first half of 2021. 

For more updates regarding this or upcoming launches and gadgets. Stay Tuned!


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