90 Day Fiance’s Tarik Myers Reveals Fling with Ex Minty and Hazel Amid Marriage Plans

90 Day Fiance is a American reality TV show where four non-Americans come into the US with a K-1 visa (90 days) and try to find their life’s love. If they don’t manage to put a ring on someone, they would have to return back to their country. 

You can watch the trailer of the show here- 

Tarik Myers is one of the contestants in the show. He matched with Hazel Cagalitan from the Philippines and seems to be final with the decision of getting engaged. But recently, some of the hiccups in their marriage have surfaced with an addition of a girlfriend.

Who is the extra addition?

It is this girl called Minty from Thailand.

How did she show up in the marriage equation?

When Tarik and Hazel split up temporarily following a pregnancy scare, Tarik decided to try his hands on online dating. That is where he met Minty. They talked for a while but things did not go any further between them.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Tarik and Hazel became better and they decided to continue their engagement. As Tarik wanted to be completely honest with his fiance, he revealed about Minty. “I said, ‘Look, I’m gonna be straight-up honest with you. I started talking online, you know, to this girl,’” he recalled. “She was like, ‘I wanna see all the pictures, I wanna see all the text messages.’ I was like, ‘OK, I ain’t got nothing to hide.’ And then, she was like, ‘She’s beautiful, and I might wanna talk to her.’ … Like, holler at her.”

Turns out, Hazel is bisexual and she is willing to have an additional girlfriend in their marriage.

Will Minty be staying in their marriage?

Following Hazel’s proposal, Tarik made arrangements for Minty to come over. But things didn’t work out well between the girls as Minty seemed to be interested only in Tarik. “Hazel told me to never contact Minty ever again,” Tarik added. Th

e reality star admitted to Kia that wasn’t the last time they spoke, but pointed out he only reached out to Minty to check on her well-being amid the coronavirus pandemic


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