9 Top eLearning Trends To Watch In 2022

In the last decade, eLearning has metamorphosed due to technological innovations that have altered the face of eLearning. There is no doubt the advantages of online training significantly outweigh those of offline classroom-based training. eLearning is flexible, cost-effective, and time-saving, and it’s suitable for tech-savvy millennials who wish for self-directed learning. 

Here is the list of top eLearning trends that show how the digital market is changing with the changing needs of people.

  1. Mobile learning-

Mobile learning has become an indispensable part of eLearning with increasing mobile users all over the world. Mobile learning has a multitude of benefits like accessibility, flexibility, and anytime and anywhere learning. The freedom and the convenience of learning on the go is the major reason for the growing demand for mobile learning.

  1. Microlearning-

Microlearning is a way of learning where the online learners are provided with eLearning content packed into small packets. These packets can be opened, accessed, and digested easily. The tiny, focused nuggets make learning easier for all learners. For instance, short videos of 3-4 minutes duration can come in handy before assessments for quick revision. 

  1. Video-based learning-

Recently videos as a mode of learning have exploded. With the growth of YouTube channels and video sharing on other social media platforms, video-based learning has become prominent. It has been found that online learners prefer videos over written eLearning content. This is so because videos are visually appealing, interactive, and more engaging. It is easier to make and share videos and can be also absorbed quickly.

  1. Big data-

Data is the new oil and is the fuel for your eLearning platform. Big data analytics gives insights into learners’ progress, online training assessments results, eLearning course completion rates, online training efficiency, or any other data that is relevant to your training. By mining and analyzing this kind of data, you can make changes in your eLearning strategy. 

Today, as the competition is rapidly increasing, you need to properly make use of big data to deliver outstanding eLearning content that stands out in the eLearning market.

  1. Artificial intelligence-

Artificial intelligence or AI is the hottest eLearning trend. AI has an extensive capability to offer personalized learning to online learners. AI-powered models use algorithms to gather data such as online learners’ strengths, weaknesses, interests, and proficiency. It keeps an eye on the pattern of behavior and movement of online learners across the eLearning platform. Based on such analysis, it provides recommendations or suggestions to them, like which eLearning course would be the best for them.

These days, many organizations are using AI-powered chatbots to guide and mentor new online learners. 

  1. Gamification-

Gamification has gathered steam in the last few years. It involves the use of game mechanics in learning to boost the engagement and retention rates of online learners. For example, after the completion of eLearning courses and online training assessment on time, online learners can be rewarded with badges, virtual coins, points, and gift cards. This is a good way to ignite their confidence and fighting spirit. Also, it promotes healthy competition between online learners by boosting their morale. 

  1. Content curation-

Content curation in eLearning is a process of gathering and filtering relevant information on a specific subject matter and presenting it in an organized way. This helps online learners to save the time they spend on hunting information on the internet. The organizations also get benefited by using the existing information in the public domain without the need to recreate or refurbish it.  

  1. Virtual reality-

Virtual reality is creating a new sensation on the eLearning soil. It offers an immersive experience to online learners by creating a virtual 3D environment. It creates a simulated environment where learners can practice whatever they have learned. It can also give 360 degrees virtual onboarding tour experience to new hires. 

  1. Augmented reality-

Augmented reality is another immersive technology in eLearning that is in high demand. This technology supplements existing training material through intriguing images and graphics that are superimposed on physical objects. This is an effective way of training employees. For instance, it can be used in workplace safety training in manufacturing industries. In a real and physical workplace, you can overlay graphics of fire damage and use the visuals to teach employees how and from where to access fire extinguishers, safety clothes, and make a safe exit. This will offer a thrilling experience to employees who will take an active part in the training.  

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The aforementioned eLearning trends are here to stay for a longer time. They will not fade away so easily, as some of the technological innovations mentioned above are in their budding stages. These trends are your guide to reconsidering and reapproaching your existing online training programs.


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