9 Different Kinds of Design & How to Choose What’s Best for You

The word design encompasses several fields and disciplines under its umbrella. If you want to turn your creative instincts into a career, one of the first things to do is to figure out which kind of designer you want to be. 

This article will tell you more about the different kinds of design majors you can pick at school and explain how to choose one that interests you. 

Architectural Design 

Getting a degree in architecture allows you to practice as an architect to design buildings. There are several fields within architecture you can specialize in. For instance, you can choose to be an interior designer or develop landscape designs for clients. You can learn about sustainable practices or work on urban design. 

That said, this course can be very intensive, no matter which area you decide to focus on. As such, if choosing this degree, you need to prepare yourself for intensive work hours. It wouldn’t hurt to pay for essay at EssayPro so that you have sufficient time to do internships or work independently. This course revolves around creativity and not so much around the theory. 

Also, to be licensed as an architect, you might have to jump through other hoops, such as years of work experience or standardized exams. 

Web Design

Web designing is a field that is growing rapidly and can potentially land you a high-paying job. As a web designer, you would be creating websites that are functional, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. You would be responsible for developing a design that resonates with the clients’ brand image and target audience. 

Although it focuses on creative aspects, web designers should have basic coding skills to communicate with developers. While the work is mostly about designing the front end of a website, you need to use HTML, CSS, and JS to bring your designs to life. 

Fashion Design 

Another career you can choose in the design field is fashion. As with architecture, there are a variety of roles you can pursue in this field. One way to figure out whether this is the right choice for you is to try sketching clothing designs in your book. 

You can even try sewing to create a few pieces or your own line to find out what you like about fashion. This will be immensely helpful for the future since you will have to put together a portfolio of your work to apply to colleges. 

9 Different Kinds of Design
9 Different Kinds of Design

Product Design 

Pursuing a product design course will equip you with the practical skills and knowledge that you need to create sustainable products to cater to consumers’ needs. This is often offered as a master’s degree, but some colleges have started offering related programs right from the bachelor’s level. 

While designing products, you will learn about the relationship between design and technology. You can also help brands develop products by conducting design research and identifying trends. 

UX Design 

UX design is listed as one of the most lucrative fields in this sector today. User experience designs are in high demand all over the world and are expected to create more jobs in the next decade. 

If you study to be a UX designer, you are responsible for enhancing customer satisfaction for the company you work for. This can be for a website, a brand, or an app. You are supposed to do extensive research to determine the requirements of the target audience and use this information to develop a product. 

Game Design

As you can gather, game designing involves developing the layout, code, and environment of video games. But it is not always about the technical part. You will also get to design the storyline and characters. As technology progresses, you might find yourself working with AR or VR to create cinematic experiences for users. 

Needless to say, to create complex games, you have to acquire a few different skills. You will be playing the roles of visual artists, designers, storytellers, and programmers, all combined. This means that you will be working with sophisticated software such as Maya, ZBrush, and others. 

UI Design 

User interface design is often confused with UX, but it is a very different practice. In fact, UI falls as a subset of UX. It focuses on creating a web interface based on UX research. You will provide a visual experience and determine how users interact with the interface. 

Being a UI designer offers you plenty of variety. You can work on different types of design, such as animation typeface and more. You can also venture out to the game industry, web design, or anything with an interface. 

Communication Design 

Communication design is a discipline where you are in charge of effectively communicating messages to a target audience through a marketing or messaging campaign. You will learn how to use visual tools to convey information or any specific message to the target audience. 

Graduates in communication design can find jobs in the graphic design industry, web development, creative directing, or brand management. 

Multimedia and Animation 

Multimedia artists work on creating visual effects that you come across in movies and video games. Depending on your specialization, you could find a job in creating storyboards, drawings, or designing 3D figures. The most common path to such roles is to get a degree in animation. You can find jobs in TV, the film industry, advertising, or video games. 

Multimedia design and animation are also becoming quite famous in the field of education. Today’s instructional materials utilize a combination of interactive teaching methods, visual imagery, and audio elements. 


As you can see, your options are plenty when it comes to the design industry. No matter which field interests you, you will be able to find a design-related job there. If you are curious about starting a career in design, start by exploring these options and learning the fundamentals.


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