8 Tabletop Roleplaying Games That Navigate the Afterlife

The innovation that comes with ever-expanding games and an innovative consumer base has grown as the independent TTRPG sector has exploded in recent years.

And, while exploring the hereafter (or roaming the earth as an undead monster) are well-worn tale tropes, game designers all around the world have combined folklore and fantasy to produce some really interesting and thrilling games.

Being undead is risky. Take these games with you wherever you go.

Here are 8 tabletop Roleplaying Games that help you navigate the afterlife. You can also enjoy the excitement and thrill.

Afterlife: Wandering Souls Games

You left this world of the living and entered the world of the dead, passing through the Tenebris but you don’t remember who you are. Walking through the gateways holding onto the precious memory fragments, discovering yourself, and moving on to the beyond.

If you are excited then this strange fantasy game is made for you. This game is a strange fantasy game by Angry Hamster Publishing where you take up the role of wanderers.

The action of Wandering Souls is moved along by dice pools, creating a mood that feels almost like you’re betting on your existence. Your journey begins when you board a ship to the afterlife, and character creation immerses you in the setting and mechanics right away.

Follow Me Down

Are you a myth lover and want to explore the tales? Here is your game.

This is a classical game inspired by the fable of Orpheus and Euridice. It is funded by the Kickstart in 2021. Furthermore, follow Me Down allows two players to reenact the tale within the structure of the Books of the Dead, which are divided into chapters. Moreover, this is a story about grief and love, and the lengths to which individuals will go to be with the people they care about, even if it means suffering through hell.


Live Camera Action!

Yes, you think right! This game is a Live-Action Role Playing Game (LARP). And that allows players to experience many afterlife scenarios based on modern and ancient religions. Furthermore, to find the appropriate suit for your soul, you must chant, fight, and bargain with devils, angels, valkyrie, and Egyptian gods. Also, David’s poetic narrative creates a unique and fascinating backdrop for immersion and exploration. And this is because the Game Master leads the lost souls through rooms.

Alone in Between

It is an explicit game about who you are and where you ended up. And also, considered an exciting game where you end up as a ghost trapped between the living and the dead in a house. And that being mentioned, it makes it a solitary journaling game that uses a deck of cards. And includes a 10-sided die to move the story along by investigating and evaluating the unresolved issues in your life. Thus, this game is both contemplative and mystical, and, delves into what binds us to the present, the future, and what may be holding us back.

Death Mask

Death Mask is one of the games that are being considered as cooperative game. Here the players protect the Tomb-City from the ghostly aberrants that prowl the streets. And, as you take chances with dice rolls to make strong movements, you risk Fracturing your mask. And this means your character’s spirit may pass away. But also that your game may come to an end.

Hence, we can say that this is another game with a lot of vibes. And also it is allowing a lot of interpretation on how to interact with the tag-based mechanics by both the game master and the players.

Pull Me From The Earth

Inspired by the musical artist, Hozier, this game of investigation and mystery is very exciting. Body horror, queerness, and intimacy are central themes in this two-player game, One person plays the unearthed body, while the other is the person who dug them up. The game is comprised of a series of questions that the two players ask each other about the nature of their relationship and their circumstances.

Blade Undying

Are you a fan of vampire folktales? If you are a lover of Vampire Diaries, then this game is perfect for you. Blade Undying follows a band of knights as they journey through the clans and world of the Falling Kingdoms, which exist in complete darkness. With violence and death at the heart of the game, there’s plenty of room for fast combat and the sweet release of undeath.

Thousand Year Old Vampire

A pastiche-style rulebook guides you through the life of your character and the lore of vampires throughout the ages in this contemplative game. The game is played through a series of pre-written instructions within the book, as well as player character choices and dice rolls based on the resources you have or don’t have. This game’s stunning physical edition as well as the design makes it a popular thriller game for players.

These are some of the thriller and investigative games that will blow your mind and you can enjoy. What roleplay game did you play and how was it?

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