When it comes to bagging a good game deal, Steam’s game store has been the one stop destination of every gamer for bagging these deals. Storming fast into the game store market though is the Epic Games store. The store was launched only in 2019 but since then it has been growing steadily. What strategies are helping the Epic Games store? Find out right now!


During its first year, Epic Games stores attracted customers initially by being the only place that had the fast popularizing Fortnite game. It was not available anywhere else except at the Epic Games store. If this was not enough, Epic Games Store also started to give away free game copies every week to attract new customers. The scheme worked so well that in 2019, Epic Games store registered 108 million users.

They continued the scheme into 2020 along with adding more and more games. 2020 was a good year for the gaming industry and so it was for Epic Games as well. In 2020 the daily active user count went up by 192% and reached 31.3 million. In 2020 Epic Games also gave away 749 million copies of 103 different games. Economically Epic Games also had a great 2020 with their users spending $700 million in the store. The money spent by users is the money gained by Epic Games store. To keep increasing both their user count and money count, Epic Games store will continue to give away free games every week in 2021 as well.

We recommend you to register into the Epic Games store for your chance to win yourself a free game. Go now!

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