When we watch horror genre movies, we are sometimes able to see some common features in almost every Horror movie. Do you also think so? We have compiled all these features and put them forward for all of you readers. Any combination of blood and gore, masked murderers moving at a snail’s pace, and spirits wreaking havoc within inconveniently positioned houses in the middle of nowhere is typical of a horror film.

So, continue reading and enjoy the seven standard characters in almost every horror movie…

The Villain

Every plot, in theory, should include an opponent. But, because I’m talking about characters in a horror film, it’s vital to stress that the villain is immune to the protagonists’ traditional methods of self-defence. Bullets, blunt things, and electrocution aren’t going to stop this man. If the horror movie villain is alive, he’ll have unexplainable superhuman strength, an insatiable desire for brains if he’s undead, and a relentless desire to possess your soul if he’s a spirit apparition.

The enemy can take various shapes, and he intends to return in a sequel.

The Prudent Elder

Perhaps it’s old Farmer Joe who recalls when the axe-wielding lunatic began murdering young people in the small town. Or it may be Irma, the small old lady across the street who ignores the rest of the neighbourhood but becomes friendly with the protagonist who moves into the haunted house. Always put your faith in the horror genre’s wise old women and gentlemen. They’ve been around long enough to be aware of all the backstories. They’re also going to tell a frightened young person about it.

The Sassy Friend Who Does Not Make It

There always seems to be one personality that you just can’t seem to feel sorry for when they die. The whiny girly girl who won’t quit complaining long enough to check the backseat before getting into the automobile. Or there’s the stereotypical misogynist dude who is so consumed with making stupid remarks about women that he becomes the first zombie to die.

The Perfect Red Herring 

In the Scream franchise, how many would-be killers used the ghost face costume? The irate mumbling guy who lives with his mother and their 10 cats, the mentally disturbed adolescent pumping gas at the derelict station on the outskirts of town, or the woman who the main protagonists snubbed in high school could all be clear red herrings in the horror genre. Any of those individuals could be the assailant. They’re simply a disturbing and useful diversion from the truth.

The Tenacious Survivor

The hardened survivalist is in shape, quick, and ready for whatever horror lies around the corner. There is only one issue. They are frequently so desperate to survive the horror film slaughter that they will go to any length to be the last individual standing. Without a trace of remorse, the hardened survivalist character will abandon the wounded.

The People’s Favourite

There’s something adorable about the audience’s favourite character that gets into your heart. Despite their unusual idiosyncrasies, the other characters in the film adore them. Even if the popular favourite character doesn’t get the lead role, we hope they make it to the end.

The Courageous Female Protagonist

Strength, talent, intelligence, and the capacity to shed quarts of blood without slowing down are all required. The woman who makes it through the 90 minutes of cinematic terror is quick to improvise with weapons and even quicker with one-liners. Despite all the struggles and witnessing the deaths of her loved ones, the survivor maintains her composure. Her hair is still neatly coiffed, even though she is damaged, wounded, and in horrible shape.

And that’s all about the standard characters that are in every horror movie. Did someone say there are more? So send us your analysis…

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