6 Life Lessons That FRIENDS Taught Us

The ever-popular series Friends is an all-time binge watch episode that is deeply ingrained in the viewers. It has left the viewers with an everlasting impression and not to mention the way Friends dominated the search and the hotlists. Many viewers still share their views and various life lessons it taught them.

Friends has a total of 10 seasons with 236 episodes aired in total. Each season had around 22 to 26 episodes directed by David Schwimmer. This show has received a rating of 79% from Rotten Tomatoes and 8.9 out of 10 from IMDb.

Moreover, we cannot forget the characters in Friends who we relate with and sometimes inspire us to move forward and tackle our problems. Along the way, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Monica, and Chandler have been able to teach a few life lessons. There was someone you could relate to, whether you were a Chandler or a Rachel. Some plots made you laugh out loud and others made you cry, but you were hooked to the television in any case.

Let us see some of the life lessons that Friends left us with!!

Never Be Afraid To Take Risks And Try Something New

If Rachel’s jumping off the plane to Paris to be with Ross taught us anything, it’s that risk it all for love, a job, or oneself is worthwhile. It will teach you to be present at the moment and not to reflect on the past. After all, who wants to be predictable all of the time?

Everybody Has Their Opinion And Has A Different Take On Things Which Is Completely Normal

Consider the following advice from Joey Tribbiani: It’s like a cow’s point of view. It makes no difference. While many of us like to think of ourselves as self-assured, there’s no denying that we all place far more emphasis on other people’s opinions than we should. For example, Ross couldn’t understand why Phoebe didn’t believe in evolution.

Everyone will have an opinion on everything. If everyone had the same opinion on everything, it would be downright boring. You should, however, know when to simply agree to disagree; some issues aren’t worth getting worked up over. It’s sometimes a moot point.

Be Bold And Do Things Like There Is No One

Remember when Phoebe was running around in the park like a lunatic? She’s a bit of a free spirit, isn’t she?

Here’s a valuable lesson to take away from her: do what makes you happy and don’t give a damn about society. The world will talk anyway; all you have to do is do what you believe is right. Phoebe was a free spirit and always kept her head held high.

Be The Real You

Ross is a misunderstood character. Ross, who comes off as gloomy and judgmental, is the one who keeps it real. He was the one who had to speak out when Phoebe felt her mother had been reborn as a cat. Ross, a scientific buff, is extremely well-versed, which shows in his sarcasm. Oh, and he taught us the difference between you and you and UNAGI.

Stay Motivated

Monica, the group’s mother hen, isn’t afraid to lead the flock and take on responsibility for responsibilities, and she does so with grace. She’ll be the first to acknowledge that she has her eccentricities.

The Perfectionist Monica encouraged us to choose a profession that we enjoy rather than one that we despise. It can be difficult to follow your dreams. You may be forced to do something you despise. Keep your head high and march fearlessly forward for your aspirations and yourself.

There Will Always Be A Bright Side

We all know Chandler is emotionally unavailable, so he uses humor and quick wit to distract himself. Chandler is easy to like since he is laid-back and self-deprecating in a way that demands respect.

Chandler reminds us that life isn’t always horrible and that sometimes all you have to do is dance your emotions out. He instructed us to never give up hope and to find someone who will say “sorry” and “put a ring on it” by putting a turkey on their head.

Remember all these life lessons, try it out and you will feel magical as you live your life to the fullest!! Be the fighter but also be the real you!!.

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