6 Free Browser Games That May Actually Keep You Focused During Zoom Calls!!

In the unfortunate pandemic time, every office men schedule whether he’s the CEO or an employee was hectic.

Each and everyone’s routine was loaded with too many Zoom calls. Even the small children were also busy in taking online classes. But today, we are back with an entertaining solution for all those who are sitting on their couches since the entrance of Corona Virus!

Check out the six free browser games that may actually keep you focused during zoom calls!


All of you must heard about the snake game which we played in the keypad phone in our childhood. This Slither.io game is like that, in this a small shiny snake slither around defending itself from other players as tons of gamers plays at a time. 

So, if you are missing the old snake game then this is a perfect match!

Zoom Calls
Zoom Calls

The no-internet dinosaur recreation

Have you ever played the dinosaur game while using Google Chrome when suddenly internet shuts off. If yes, then it’s a recreation of that game, where a pixelated dinosaur leaping over clumps in an endless desert panorama. 

In this recreation you can play the game within the nook of your display but be aware as this new creations produces a lot of noises. 


This creatives game unleashes your internal architect and engineering skills. In this you bar to draw colorful lines and help the rider to reach its destination. So, don’t fall folks and draw perfect lines in this cathartic game. 


As the name suggests it’s a kind of weaving or spinning game. In this you simply drag cursor and watch the symmetrical shapes unfold. If you watch this game more carefully, it looks like you have taken an ultrasound of demon. So, get ready to spun the nervous system of Demon, folks!

Retro Ping Pong

It’s a kind of retro tennis match where players volley the ball towards each other. It’s basically based on an old fashioned Atari Pong and you can also play in a one-player mode. 


This game shares some similarities with weavesilk. The vibrant pixels of sand will excite and set your mood definitely. It’s the digital mood of sand artworks where you need to use palette to pick any hue.  

Most of the players made a bunch of sand but there are some savage players who makes an impressive designs. 

So, go and plays these games and comment down which one is your favorite!

Stay in touch. 

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