6 directors who can potentially helm Henry Cavill’s next Superman movie

In late January 2011, Zack Snyder cast a 27-year-old Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/ Superman in Man of Steel and the summer blockbuster finally went ahead to premiere in 2013. It was certainly a new era for Warner Bros’ comic book movies and marked the beginning of the DCEU following Christian Bale’s exit from batman. Now, it’s been a decade since the actor’s life-changing casting and now he’s not just our favorite Superman but has also been given the lead in Netflix’s The Witcher and Enola Holmes’ Sherlock.

Except for being a part of the famous Man of Steel sequel, the actor has accomplished a lot over the years. Warner Bros showed signs of getting fresh projects to the audiences such as Birds of Prey and Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman in order to focus away from the Last son of Krypton but the actor is not yet ready to give up on the hero.

With Cavill’s casting anniversary, here’s a perfect opportunity to lay a list of people who could possibly direct Man of Steel 2.

pic credit : heroichollywood.com
  1. Zack Snyder
  2. Christopher McQuarrie
  3. Travis Knight
  4. Mike Flanagan
  5. Brad Bird
  6. George Miller

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