It’s Black Friday, and Design News is here to assist you with gift ideas for the drivers in your life who enjoy keeping their autos current.

Due to component shortages caused by the epidemic, it is desirable to keep our cars a little longer, even if they appear to be getting a little stale.

Even vintage automobiles can benefit from some of our favourite contemporary accessories.

As a result, parents can monitor their teen drivers more closely, lost drivers may request aid, events can be captured on video cameras, and everyone has additional entertainment alternatives.

You’ll need to scroll through our gallery to determine what a “Car Thing” is, but the majority of our favourite devices serve a purpose.

SuperTooth HD

This high-end Bluetooth hands-free loudspeaker may be linked to the visor of your car via Bluetooth. The SuperTooth HD features two speakers and two microphones for crystal-clear music playback. Calls can be made and received via speech recognition software. The device is multilingual and may be used in 12 different languages, including Spanish and German.

Must-Have Black Friday Car Gadgets for Your Ride
Must-Have Black Friday Car Gadgets for Your Ride

Griffin’s iTrip with aha: Car Gadgets

Aha by Harman, is now supported by this well-known FM radio transmitter that distributes audio from your phone via FM radio signal. Additionally, the program is capable of streaming music from any radio station. For instance, you can select a station such as “coffee” and the app will alert you to new locations to visit. There are other radio stations that provide information about traffic and the local weather.

Atom Cobra iRadar

This spring, radar detectors that connect to your phone and monitor your region for police radars will be available. iRadar will notify you to slow down, and you will be able to inform other iRadar users of the position of the speed trap by publishing it on the community portal.

Garmi Nüvi 3597 LMTHD: Car Gadgets

Garmin has an uphill battle as a result of the widespread use of smartphones and built-in sat nav systems. However, the new premium model employs a more natural language approach, which may attract attention.

 Instead of providing street names and distances, the Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMTHD informs you as you drive to “turn left at the gas station.” The new Nuvi also features a magnetic coupling, which simplifies the process of attaching and detaching the gadget.

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

If connected to your vehicle’s ODB port, the Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics device can assist you in determining what’s wrong, but it’s designed to do much more. Using the accompanying smartphone app, you can set up a geo-fence to inform you when your vehicle leaves a particular area, unlock or lock your car, open the trunk, and more.

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