5 Best Games Like GTA 5 For Android Smartphones In 2022

GTA V ,Grand auto theft(GTA) is one of the large and exciting action-adventure games. In the history of Rockstar Games, GTA V is the most, popular title.

Aside from completing the missions, there are a lot more things that make the game more engaging. Even with its massive popularity, GTA V is not obtainable in the mobile gaming arenas.  Most users want to play this game on their respective smartphones. But we all know this will not gonna work.

To  fix this issue we have collected the best top 5 games like GTA V for Android mobiles. The gameplay and the  mechanics of these games are related to GTA V.

Insights of Games

  • Payback 2

Payback 2 is a mobile multiplayer action game. Which is developed and published by Apex designs entertainment Ltd. The game consists of multiple chapters and in each chapter, there are certain missions or to obtain some money by completing them or to unlock the next chapter.

Further, you can earn more coins by completing the weekly tasks. There is one boss who will instruct you about all the missions. It brings the flavour that will experience you the GTA V. 

  • Gangster Vegas

Gangster Vegas is a great open-ended game with a lot of variety. In this game there is a  lot to do that will make you play all the time. It was developed by Gameloft.

The story goes around Jason Malone. Like GTA V in this game too there are a lot of missions and also has the elements of driving and shooting stuff.

In addition to the main story missions, users can do various activities like gang wars, bank robbing and street racing. This is one of the best games you should try once.

  • Auto Gangsters

This game is all about the life of a mastermind criminal. You can purchase deadly weapons and costly vehicles. In this game, there are hundreds of missions and you are free to crimes to complete tasks. The users can play this game online with anyone in this world. By all these aspects make it an adventure game like GTA V.

  • Mad out 2 big cities online

Mad out 2 is a grand auto theft style mobile game. This game is designed by  mad out games. On a visual and content, it was comparable with Xbox and PlayStation games.

This game allows you to make chaos and to do crazy things. You are free to shoot anyone you sent you can pick any vehicle and gun for your missions. The graphics are also too good for going. 

  • Grand auto theft Chinatown wars

This is the game which is developed by the rock stars games. All the features and mechanics are quite similar to GTAV. You can also use the helicopter and ships and if you are caught by the police the player can do anything to find ways to escape from them. There is lot of fun and adventure in this game. In addition, to this the player can use advanced weapons and shield to safeguard himself.

Overall, the game is awesome one should give a try on it. 

 So, these were the games you can try in your smartphones to enjoy the games like GTA V. We hope you liked brief of each. Tell us your favourite game from the list.

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