When Will 365 Days 3 be Release On Netflix?

365 Days has been on the hot search for quite a time. 365 Days prequel series Part 3 renewal status has been confirmed and will be shot back to back after the second part. The release date of the 365 Days series Part 3 is not yet officially announced but we can hope that the wait for its release won’t belong. 

This series has garnered a lot of attention with positive as well as negative critics. Well, this series has a 0 rating on the Rotten Tomatoes. The reaction of fans is also neutral. So, continue reading to pique your interest in this controversial and erotic Netflix series with part 3 on its way!!

Release date updates

With a controversial, erotic and thriller plot, many people like this series and are anticipating the release of the third instalment that is 365 Days Part 3. The official announcement has been made for its renewal confirmation but the downside part is the unconfirmed release date which left all of us hanging. Even though the release date is not out, we expect that it will be earlier than expected as we have received intel that the shooting of 365 Days Part 2 and 365 Days Part 3 was in succession. So, the production would be reaching its final touch-ups. 

What can you expect in part 3 of 365 Days?

Following the events of the second book, Massimo makes the decision to keep Laura alive and give up the kid in the third and final instalment of the novel series, titled The Next 365 Days. He was given the duty of choosing one, and he chose Laura, but Laura is unaware of this essential aspect. We can see with the climax approaches, the plot has begun to unveil itself as well. It would be quite interesting to watch!!

The cast of 365 Days Part 3

The cast will remain the same more or less. There will be an additional supporting cast with the addition of characters in the plot. Let us look at the actors and actresses that will be part of this series.

Laura is played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka.

Massimo is played by Michele Morrone.

Domenico is played by Otar Saralidze.

Olga is played by Magdalena Lamparska.

Nacho is played by Simone Susinna. 

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Some characters will reprise their roles, and they are the following: Laura and Massimo will be played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone, respectively, while Nacho will most likely be played by Simone Susinna.

Trailer updates

As the production is nearing the end and the lack of confirmation on its release date makes it difficult to make estimations about the release of the trailer as well. But, we guess that the trailer will also be released soon as part 2 and part 3 of 365 Days were shot back to back. For now, we can only wait patiently for more official announcements and confirmations. 

That is all for the insights gathered in Part 3 of 365 Days. The fans of this prequel series would be eagerly waiting for its release, right? 

But, do you think that the creators of this prequel series will follow the same plot as in the novel or would add some other climax points to make it more thrilling?

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