Like how photographers take good care of their gears, gamers take care of their video games and consoles. Gaming is a fun (and addictive) hobby, and if you’re someone who just started taking up a joypad, you should take care of your gaming stuff—no matter how few they are. All gamers start where you are. Play more, and you will not notice how quickly your collecting drive kicks into high gear!  

We bet it will not be too long until you grow your video game collection to a dozen. To help you keep your consoles and video games in tip-top condition, here are some tips we know you would find useful. Read until the end.

1. Use a Gaming Shelf

Video games and consoles require special attention. To ensure you get the most out of your collection, store them properly. Secure your precious collection and display it like an exhibit using a video game shelf. Not only will this handle the unpleasant clutter, but it will also make sure you can play your favorite games in the years to come.

If you have games or game systems that have been sitting in your bedroom or living room for quite a while, start off by cleaning before storing them. Game consoles, when left uncleaned, can collect fingerprints and choke with dust over time. Controllers are more horrifying when not maintained. They can collect gunk on their seams!

Wipe up the dust that has gathered on their surfaces. Use a cotton swab or Q-tip and dip it on alcohol to remove the gunk that has built up. Check the ventilation grills and gently vacuum the remaining dust that a rug won’t reach. Finish off by using a soft, clean cloth.

2. Keep Them at Room Temperature

Most people will not agree, but video games are good for us. According to several research and studies, they improve areas of the brain that handle memory, information organization, vision, and decision-making. Like any other physical and mental exercise, sitting on the couch playing video games at least half an hour a day improves the quality of our life!

If you play every day, make sure your console is at room temperature. This is a minimum guideline to ensure your play buddy won’t give you headaches. Remember not to place it near the window where it will be under direct sunlight, near any appliance that emits powerful heat. Don’t place it in areas where it is cold, too. To put it simply, extreme temperatures are your worst nemesis. Both extreme heat and cold can cause moisture, and that is the last thing you want on your toys.

It can warp its components and damage its parts slowly, sometimes without you noticing it right away—this is the hardest part. Hence, before you have this problem, plan where you can put your gaming systems and accessories in a well-ventilated area. Like any other electronics, they need to stay cool.

3. Don’t Forget About the Wiring 

Nothing is more frustrating than finding an unsightly mess of wires hiding behind your LCD TVs. Good thing it does not cost much to keep the cables organized. You only need a bit of your time, a little effort, and some cable ties or adhesive hooks.

There is a reason gear ties and similar cable organizers are some top-selling products in the electronic accessories department. They tidy up all the loose cords and keep them snugly tucked. As we all deal with cables daily—from LED TVs to gaming consoles to chargers—it is important to keep them organized. Not only this makes the game area well-ordered, but it also reduces the risk of the wires getting tangled and knotted.

4. Upgrade Your Software

Do you notice your console slowing down? Try to install the latest update like how you would on your PC or smartphone. If you tried doing so and it did not work, try performing a factory reset. Like all operating systems, reverting your console back to its original factory settings can make them run smoothly—just like how they are when they are brand new.

Done that, but did not work too? Maybe the games are the culprit. Whether you’re using discs or cartridge-based games, keep in mind that they are delicate stuff. You need to take care of them and treat them well.

A Maintained Video Game System Makes a Happy Gamer

Consoles and accessories are in their shipshape condition when they are free from grime and dust, organized, and upgraded to the latest updates. Maintain, regularly clean, and store them. When you make this a part of your regular routine, you guarantee your play buddy lives a long and happy life, just as you do. Share these tips with your video gamer friends too so they can keep their video games in the best condition too!


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