3 Qualities of an Excellent Computer Monitor

To make use of a personal computer to its fullest capacity, it needs to have a display. In comes the computer monitor. Over the years, we have seen monitors evolve in both design and function. We’ve also seen them go from the heavy, unwieldy CRTs to flatscreens, LED screens, and curved monitors that are ideal for playing games, watching movies, and much more.

With their evolution, we’ve been met with thousands of models in the market, made by a myriad of major brands. So, how do you find the best gaming monitor, work monitor, or television for your home? This article will help. Below, we’ve listed three main qualities of a gaming monitor.

1. Budget

3 Qualities of an Excellent Computer Monitor
3 Qualities of an Excellent Computer Monitor

Before all the talk about the ideal screen size, image quality, or whether or not your unit connects to your ps5, you should find out if the price is right. The best monitor should, first and foremost, be the best option for your pocket as your budget will determine the monitor models you can consider.

LCD Monitors come in a wide range of prices due to the never-ending supply of new and exciting features, which both brand new and refurbished computer monitors offer. There are some prices at which you won’t benefit from these features; thus, you must know how much you can spend to know the models you can select from to make great savings.

2. LCD Screen Size

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to computer monitors, even though the bigger they are, the more room you’ll have to do stuff. Many large monitors are built with a wide display and an excellent viewing experience, but they come at a hefty cost, which might not be ideal for some people. Another thing these huge inits come with is heat, which might demand more resources to find the perfect solution.

The actual size of monitors differs greatly. You’ll come across models that range from 23 to 32 inches, however, the sweet spot for many people is the 27-inch monitor, whether for gaming or watching movies. A typical 27-inch monitor is in the mid-range pricing zone, with decent-sized screens for better views, but if you don’t mind the price and require more screen real estate, the 32-inch monitor is your best bet as it offers great image quality and peripherals.

3. Resolution

 Qualities of an Excellent Computer Monitor
Qualities of an Excellent Computer Monitor

The last yet equally essential quality we encourage everyone to consider is the resolution of your intended monitor. The most supported in recent times that are also well supported by technology in this day and age are the 1080p, 1440p, and the 4k. With resolution, the smaller your screen size, the easier it is to get away with lower resolutions, even with the display of sharp images.

The 4k resolution build is usually very large and more expensive and comes with other benefits like excellent HDR. If you’re looking for an interesting middle ground, the 1440p is a great option. It looks better than the 1080p but is less expensive than the 4k. However, 1080p is ideal for smaller screens, and it’s the most supported by both software and media.

Another way to consider resolutions is by thinking about your intended use. If you’re a video editor or in the creative field, you might think of great ergonomics, rich vibrant colors, and high-resolution monitors. Movies and games do well with the 4k and 1440p monitors, while everything else can be done on a 1080p resolution monitor.

There are plenty of features given by the manufacturers of computer monitors, which sometimes makes our search difficult. Some include retina display, color accuracy, and refresh rate. However, there are cases where the specs of certain models won’t be readily available on the internet. As such, you’ll need help from the previous user.s be sure to look through online reviews to find out the good fit within your budget and your intended use.


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