Ask anyone from any walk of life how did their new year start? You will get various responses. Ask the same to a gamer and he or she will reply only one thing, it is slow. New games this new year are not coming out as fast as they should. Amidst this gaming slow down, we bring to you news 3 new games for the Sony games subscription service Playstation Now. 


The Crew 2: This will be an open world racing game. Players have the whole of USA to explore in the game using cars, boats and planes. The twist is that all the cars, boats and planes are racing types. Imagine driving on the streets of Vegas in the night time in a F1 car or piloting a speedboat down a river or flying through the New York City in a racing plane. There are interesting challenges as well in the game and too many vehicles to explore. Racing fans are in for a delight. 

Surviving Mars: This is a city building game based on the red planet Mars. Players will be in-charge of developing a human colony on the planet by first developing a basic infrastructure capable of supporting live and then a full scale city. Players will have to manage the living conditions within the city as well as manage the life support systems. Any problem will have to be dealt with utmost care or it will be game over. This Sci-Fic game will surely provide a thrilling Marian life experience.

Frostpunk: Console Edition: This is another city building game based on the Earth during the 19th century but in parallel universe. In the parallel universe, Earth has been gripped by a volcanic winter. The players are tasked with building and leading a city. In the games players will have to face grave situations like saving humanity or saving living dignity. The game is particularly for those people who like difficult challenges in life.

The 3 games will come out during the course of this month but we don’t know the exact dates. Keep an eye out for them and do tell us which game you will try out first.

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