2020 – THE GAME

Previous year was a bad year. 2020 was the year all of us are doomed to remember and tell the tale of till our last breath. It will not be surprising that after 50 years from now, someone making a documentary comes to us and asks for a vivid description of the year. It seems like there may be another reason for which the year could be remembered for. It is something happy and not sad.


The thing that could add a silver-lining in the chapter titled 2020 is a video game. The game is named the 2020 Game. It has been developed by one Max Garkavyy over a course of 6 months. In the game, you are in control of a plucky hero. Your aim is to avoid the virus particles, forest fire, Zoom call messages among other things that are characteristic things of 2020. The game also has a toilet paper collecting section. 5G towers pop up and spit the virus out.

Then after this there are the floods and US elections section as well. In the US elections section, Trump and Biden race with your character. The game ends at a teasing note that shows the possible future. So far through this game Max has made around $25,000. The game is available to play online at https://2020game.io/

2020 will always be remembered as a tough year but there will be this game that will make us turn back to this year. The game is fun and everyone should play it.


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