2 tot boys still missing, vanish from home nearly 6 weeks ago

It’s been almost a month and a half since two California siblings vanished, with a prize for data that prompts their whereabouts adding up to $100,000. 

As reports recently revealed, Orson and Orrin West, ages 3 and 4, were most recently seen on December 21, 2020, at a home in the 10700 square of Aspen Avenue, in California City, at around 5:45 p.m., as per what their folks told police. 

KTLA 5 reports that the young men’s receptive dad, Trezell West, said the youngsters were on the terrace playing when he ventured out momentarily to open a door and assemble wood. The young men’s supportive mother, Jaqueline West, said she was inside wrapping presents. 

During a past question and answer session, Trezell West clarified that he incidentally left the door open after get-together wood. 

“I open up the back entryway, I’m tossing wood, bringing it inside the house. My better half’s inside, she was wrapping endowments so we thought it was a smart thought that our most youthful two head outside and play with chalk on the back yard,” West said. 

“I understood that I left the back door open and I froze and came inside the house, looked through the house, me and my significant other. When that didn’t work out, I got in the van, I peered down the road in the two ways, it was getting dim, getting cold.” 

Trezzell West said he called 911 after neighbors demonstrated they hadn’t seen the young men. 

pic credit : people.com

West likewise allegedly said that on December 19, two days before the young men vanished, the whole family, which incorporates four extra youngsters, left the home to go Christmas shopping. 

Security film from a neighbor’s home, as indicated by police, shows two grown-ups leaving with each of the six youngsters. Security film likewise seems to show the West couple later getting back alone, with no of the kids, Bakersfield Now reports. 

Trezell West told agents that they dropped off four of their kids at a relative’s home after they were finished shopping on December 19, yet brought Orson and Orrin back home. After two days, as per West, the young men were absent. 

Police suspect foul play is involved with the young men’s vanishing, however, nobody has been named a suspect. 

“We did a careful hunt of the encompassing zones and [the babies were] not there so that reveals to me that they didn’t simply continue to walk,” California City Police Chief Jon Walker said.


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