$199 Total Tech Paywell Helps Scalper Snag20+ Gpus From Best Buy

Some very shady business took place behind the limited access Best Buy sale for the Nvidia Graphics card. Here are the details of the incident.$199 Total Tech Paywell Helps Scalper Snag20+ Gpus From Best Buy.

Gpus From Best Buy
Gpus From Best Buy

The Details Of The Incident

So, on 11th February 2022 there was a special sale conducted by Best Buy for the very highly sort after Nvidia RTX-3000. Anyone who is a gaming geek will tell you that this particular Graphics card is like the G.O.A.T of all the Graphics card available in the market. It is also a very well-known fact that the Nvidia RTX-3000 is very difficult to get. Best Buy is the exclusive retailer for the card and Best Buy exploited this fact. They made the sale available to only those people who first bought the Totaltech membership of Best Buy. Its cost is $199.

This thing made sure that only a selected number of members could lay their hands on the Nvidia RTX-3000. A particular scalper who goes by the name Bipper used this situation to the greatest advantage and bought more than 20 of the Graphics cards. The total sum of the scalper’s purchase was around $20,000. The scalper has very happy with the deal he made and praised the limited access sale by Best Buy. Those who did not have Totaltech membership though were very angry. They said it was just not fair that Best Buy paywalled the sale just to increase their Totaltech members. They said that it was very unprofessional thing to do and that Best Buy exploited its position as the exclusive retailer of Nvidia.

Now it is very hard to say whether or not the sale was fair. It seems those with a membership gained the most and those without loosed the most from the Best Buy sale.

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