14 Pranks You Can Do To Kids

Kids see the world differently the way grownups do. They don’t have the problems that adults have, and they just tend to live their lives simply and to the fullest! When they get pissed off, they won’t hold too many grudges the way older people do. They’re also not difficult to impress. They laugh uncontrollably, and children tend to be enthusiastic about everything. They see the world in a clear and untainted sense of wonder. That’s why they’re one of the best kinds of people to pull pranks on! Everything is just too exciting in their eyes. And besides, who wouldn’t want to hear a precious child’s wholesome laugh because of something you did?

Because we like kids (let alone making fun of them), we listed down 14 pranks that you can pull on them! These are safe and playful pranks that will just make your day! By “your,” we mean you and them. It will just overall be a good time for both sides!

Kids are such a breath of fresh air, aren’t they? If you are trying to make the most out of your quality time with others, you can read how to make the most out of your leisure time here.

Read on whenever you’re ready!

1.     Confetti Prank.

Kids love colorful things. So this prank will surely be a delight to them even on a gloomy rainy day. Purchase some confetti in your local party store, or you can make some on your own using metallic paper and or Japanese paper. Once you have these rainbow cutouts, place them in the insides of their umbrella. Once they go out and open it – poof! There will be showers not of rain but of colorful paper confetti!

2.   Googly Eyes Prank.

Even if you are not a kid, you will feel self-conscious when you have two sets of eyes watching your every move, and while it’s a bit cruel, it’s undoubtedly hilarious to watch! Get some various sizes of googly eyes from your most accessible stationery store or even just from Amazon. Stick the more prominent googly eye pairs on more extensive surfaces in home appliances or furniture like the dryer, the fridge, or even their little study table.  And place the smaller ones on smaller objects you have at home. The ideal scenario is you fill most of your stuff with googly eyes, but that may be too much work, but that may be too much work! Instead, just try their room while they’re out for school. Once they come back, they won’t ever be alone because lots of eyes are watching them for you!

3.   Prank Call.

Prank calls never fail to deliver the best gags for decades (or even centuries!) But kids don’t always have their own mobile phones at such early ages yet. How do you let a kid receive a prank call? You will need the help of another grownup (perhaps your spouse, kid, or sibling) to arrange a spoof call for you. Next, place your phone near where they are playing and ask them to pick the call up for you. Make sure they listen to the other person on the line. You can be as creative as you want with this. Besides, they will never know it’s you!

Suppose you don’t know what a spoof call is. In that case, it is basically a fantastic way to disguise your caller ID into an unknown one when making calls instead of getting another burner phone. It’s safe, and some even have voice-changing features made explicitly for epic pranking, like Ownage Pranks’ spoof call app.

4.   Favorite Fast Food Prank.

Is your kid a fan of those chicken nuggets from Mcdonald’s? Cool. Now see if you can find a mere packaging of chicken nuggets or any of their favorite fast food and fill it up with vegetables. It’s best to do this after you come home from work and they are a bit hungry.  It’s a little too mean to do to a child. But hey, children need their vegetables!

5.    Switching Things Up Prank.

While they are soundly asleep at night, sneak into their bedroom and try to switch the position of the things in their bedroom. It’s up to you to do this all at once or little by little every night. Imagine them waking up one morning with all their stuff rearranged! And wait until they notice the minor changes. Make sure to greet them a good morning the next day so that you won’t miss out on their precious little reaction!

6.    Frozen Cereal Prank.

In the morning, all they want is a fresh bowl of cereal and milk. So make an effort to prepare their breakfast the night before! Simply pour the milk and their favorite cereal into a bowl and freeze it overnight. In the morning, add little pieces of the grain on top for added effect. Wait for them to dig in and find out that they’ve been served a cold, hard breakfast made of ice! What a good morning for them, isn’t it?

7.    Small Creatures On Ice Prank

Speaking of frozen things, have you tried your ice cube trays in making hilarious pranks? If not, then try getting one of those little fake spiders or roaches that are small enough to fit in an ice cube tray mold. Next time you fill that tray up with water, add a little fake creepy crawlies and serve it with their favorite fruit juice or even in their cold water. Wait For them to realize that their ice isn’t just made of water at all! Just make sure to serve this in a plastic glass. You’ll never know how freaked out they’ll be; they might drop the glass out of surprise!

8.   I’ve Grown On My Shoe Prank

Kids are growing ever so swiftly. And just like the yearly checks in their height, you can mess with them by making them believe that their shoes no longer fit them anymore! To do this, just pick up some tissue or cotton balls and push them far inside the shoes that they always wear. Make sure to stuff both shoes evenly to make it even more believable. They might think they’ve grown too fast, and watch them react towards that idea!

9.  Lazy April Fools Prank

If you are not in the mood to do anything on April Fools Day, it’s best to build them up with the anticipation of a (non-)prank the day before. Here’s how you’ll do it: tell them or drop them some overt hints about what you will do on April Fools Day. For example, tell them that they will receive a scary prank call, or find a horrendous “surprise” in the bathroom. Once you’ve planted these ideas in their mind, do the “prank” by not doing anything at all the next day. Watch them just be cautious about avoiding these little “surprises” and not get them until the end of the day. It’s really lazy, but you have to admit, it’s quite genius!

10. Fake Brownies Prank

Kids looooove sugar. Maybe that’s part of the reason why they’re so bouncy and full of energy all day long. During snack time or when they come home from school, tell them you made them some “brownies” and point to a baking tray covered with aluminum foil – looking as if the treats were just freshly made. Instead of seeing some gooey and chocolatey snacks, they will find some brown cardboard pieces in the shape of the letter “E.” Got it? Bown E’s? Don’t feel bad; you won’t spell it out to them, so you won’t be technically lying to their cute and innocent faces!

11.Fake Poop Prank

There’s Something about children and their utter disgust for poop. They think it’s one of the worst things on earth. Why? We have no idea. Now, you can always get fake poop from your local novelty store or you can just find anything online. If you don’t feel like spending additional bucks for it, then you can always improvise with poop-like substances like melted chocolate or peanut butter. To make it more realistic, place it in slightly crumpled toilet paper as if it were recently used to wipe the butt. Take the liberty to leave it in a place where they normally visit. Like the bathroom, where you can leave the fake poop on the seat itself or on the floor. You can try leaving it in places like their bed or even in their closet. Hear them make that high-pitched shriek of disgust!

12.Easter Chocolate Prank

Is Easter close? Cool! You can use this as an opportunity to melt some chocolate and coat some fresh, uncracked eggs with it. Make sure they are fully covered to look like naked Kinder Joys. Leave it in the fridge to harden, and voila! You now have some perfectly-shapen easter chocolate eggs for kids to sink their teeth into (but not too deeply.) Just make sure the kids are not young enough to swallow eggshells! Kids are too innocent, so make sure that you still never forget to give them supervision when you prank them.

13.Superglue Pizza Prank

Just like the Favorite Fast Food Prank, you will be cruelly toying with their cravings here. If you have a pizza box, grab some rocks (or anything to add weight to the box. Glue the sides of it and leave it lying on your dining table. Make sure it’s sealed tightly shut! No, wait for the kid to see it and struggle to open it! Only if they successfully open it will they find that they put all that effort for literally nothing.

14. Toy On Jello

Do they have a favorite toy or action figure to play with? Cool! Now grab some Jello and leave that in a mold with the toy to harden. Once they come looking for it, tell them to search for it in different areas of the house – particularly in the kitchen. See how they’ll react to this. It will be epic!

And these are the 14 pranks that you can do to any kid! May it be your child, sibling, cousin, or just any kid close to you. Just enjoy it while they’re young.  Good luck and happy pranking!


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