100% Safe and Trouble-Free: PDFBear Tools to Help You Handle Your Electronic Files

Many people use PDF for different purposes. It could be catalogues, modules, eBooks, and many others. PDF is a file format that will give so much ease and convenience in accessing your files, sharing them with various devices, and uploading them online. That’s why many people prefer this file format over others because of the benefits you’ll get from using it. 

However, as the number of PDF files continues to accumulate in your smartphone or computer, it consequently becomes challenging to manage and organize them properly. Hence, you’ll need a platform you can use in handling PDF files most efficiently.

As you search the internet, you may find other options, but the online platform that many people have been using for years and has gained confidence and trust is PDFBear. Therefore, continue reading the full details below about PDFBear tools to help you handle your electronic files that are completely safe and trouble-free. 

Unlock Your PDF Files

One of the PDFBear online tools that most people use is the unlock PDF. If you have some PDF files with a password and wish to remove them, this tool will help you do this task in no time. You only have to visit the website of PDFBear and upload your PDFs on its tool online. You’ll then enter the password of the PDF files. 

After that, hit the “Unlock PDF” button, and the tool will process your request right away. Please wait for a couple of minutes. When the PDF unlock tool shows that it’s done, your PDF files now don’t have any password anymore. Hence, you can easily access and view these files anytime you want. 

Convert Your File to Other Formats

Another common online tool you usually use for your electronic files is the file conversion tool. As the tool’s name suggests, it allows you to have a file format that you don’t have on your computer or smartphone by converting your existing file. Hence, you can have PDF copies of your files in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

Even files in HTML and JPG can also be converted to PDF. You can go to the website of PDFBear to find other formats available for conversion that your future projects or tasks might need. On top of that, PDFBear uses a smart conversion system. That’s why you only need to spend a couple of minutes to process the conversion of your files. Hence, it’s pretty easy and trouble-free. 

Merge Your PDF Files

Organizing tons of PDF files most effectively can be challenging to anyone without enough skill set and the right tools. That’s why many people find PDFBear so helpful in sorting out and classifying PDFs in an orderly manner on a smartphone or computer. Hence, you can use the PDF merger tool of PDFBear for entirely free. 

The tool merges two, three, or more PDFs, making them a single PDF file. Thus, if you have plenty of PDFs that you regularly use, such as school, work, business, or leisure, you can combine them accordingly. You can categorize the merged files based on the purpose of these PDFs, date of creation, or the sources where you got all of them. 

The main reason for using the PDF merger of PDFBear is to transform your computer file folders into well-organized ones. Otherwise, it might cause you to have stress while looking at all of your PDFs scattered on your computer or smartphone screen. 

Hence,  when you merge your PDF files properly using an effective categorization, your computer file folders will become tidy and well-ordered. It’ll consequently result in easy access for a particular PDF file when you need one in the future. 

eSign Your PDF Files

You might have encountered some documents that you need to add your signature to be legally valid and authentic. However, if you’re using PDF files, you can’t simply get a pen and sign them right away. Don’t worry because PDFBear has an eSign PDF tool that will allow you to sign these documents digitally. 

You can use the touchpad of your laptop or maneuver the computer mouse to input your signature manually. The second option is to upload an image form of your signature on the eSign PDF tool of PDFBear. Then, the tool will immediately save the signature you’ve finally added. Within a couple of minutes, there you have it! You can now save the newly signed PDF files on your computer or smartphone. 


Dealing with so many electronic files hasn’t been as easy as it seems. However, with the necessary skillset and use of the right tools, managing and organizing files can give you so much ease and convenience. The four online tools discussed above are only a few of those you can find on the PDFBear website. Hence, visit the site now and see the potential of PDFBear to help you handle all of your electronic files that are 100% safe and trouble-free. 


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