CISM certification has many takers with recent advancement and focuses on domains like information management, risk management, etc. There are around 46k holders of CISM Certification with the average annual salary being around 118k. The demand for this certification has grown significantly and there are more takers nowadays in comparison to any preceding years. The steps to give the exam are very easy. The certification not only requires passing the exam but also requires the professionals to maintain their certification by earning CPEs. These are very crucial in judging the knowledge of the certified professionals which should be constant and motivated throughout. The exam takes place every year and aspirants should apply only after thorough preparation as it involves a considerable amount of money during the application process.

CISM has a lot of avenues for the students to explore; the certification covers a lot of domains that are of extreme importance to companies these days. The format of the exam is designed to be very broad keeping in view global-scale applications. CISM exam is administered by ISACA, which is the governing body and makes important decisions regarding the exams and course updates. Organizations like these are very helpful for the IT industry. They make certifications which train the upcoming generations and rightfully train them to be able to endure the hardships and difficulties involved in the industry.

Is CISM valued in the IT industry?

The value of CISM certification is well known throughout the industry and the certified professionals are very well respected. They are considered key figures at their workplaces, they are very crucial for management of information security of their respective companies. Though a CISM certified individual can have other roles, the role of an information security manager is the most prominent and prevalent throughout the industry. The rise in number of job roles in the IT sector has been one of the most important highlight of the decade in the job sector. The expected job openings in the next decade in the IT industry are more than 2 million each year. The number might grow given the unpredictable nature of the industry. The dynamic nature of the industry has created room for many new innovations and ideas.

A CISM certification holder gets access to several working profiles which are very highly paid job roles in major IT companies. There are many major companies which are looking for certified individuals with valued certifications like CISM. Having a CISM certification can add immense value to ones resume; it is a symbol of quality training. Professionals with this certification are easily spotted among non-certified individuals and they are chosen for higher roles in the company, the HRs and recruiters know the value of certifications like CISM and value its worth.

Exam Structure and Resources for Passing the Exam

Passing the CISM exam can be easily facilitated through proper training and guidance. There are different online and offline resources available for its exam. The online resources include various sources like e-libraries, e-books, forums, online meetings, etc. These meetings are presided by very highly experienced members who have prior experience in the IT industry and are sources of immense knowledge and possess vast anecdotes of their encounters with risky situations. The risk management domain of the CISM certification exam is a very prominent part of the syllabus. It is an integral part of IT security and management, expertise in this field will land you at places many dream of, this domain has ever-increasing popularity.

To succeed in this industry one needs to pay equal attention and importance to each and every minute detail in the course. The course is a very elaborate representation of what challenges lie ahead in the field as a CISM Training. There needs to be more awareness about certifications like these in third world countries so that much talented youth from those countries come up and pursue these courses which will help them to earn more and help in their growth. The need for a certification that would equally reach out to many domains was solved when CISM certification was offered for the very first time by ISACA.

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