How are you using iPhone and Android tricks these days? Normally we guess. What if we told you that you can do so much more with your phone than you are doing right now. Fascinated by the idea? If yes, then here are 10 useful iPhone and Android trick to help you measure, magnify, add captions and do a lot more with your phone. 

10 iPhone and Android tricks

  1. Use back tap: If you use an iPhone, then you can use a very useful feature called the back tap. With a back tap, you can do a specific action on your phone by tapping the back of the phone. To use it go to adjustment->easy use->Touch->back tap. Select the number of taps and the action to be performed and you are good to go. 
  2. Use shortcuts for apps: This one is for both iPhones and Androids users. If you use an app frequently, then you can add a shortcut for that app to your home screen. To do so on Android, hold down the app icon. The shortcut for the app will show. Drag this shortcut onto your home screen. On iPhones, the trick is similar but you can be specific on the iPhone. Like you can add the shortcut for the most frequently contacted person on your home screen. 
  3. The burst mode: This is a simple yet very unknown feature present in every Android and iPhone mobile. With this feature, you can take multiple pictures at one go. To do so just open your camera and hold down your shutter button. From the pictures taken, you can easily select the best ones. 
  4. Clear clutter faster: Clutter or trash buildup can significantly slow down your phone. The most trash builds up on your browser due to open tabs. To clear them, on your android phone, simply open chrome and tap on the number visible on the top right. Close all the wanted tabs from here once they are visible. You can do the same on the Safari browser.   
  5. Phone as a magnifying glass: Sometimes information on newspapers or pamphlets can be printed in very small font size. To read them easily, use your iPhone’s magnifying glass feature by enabling it from Adjustment->easy use->rythm.  
  6. Power of Google assistant: The google assistant can pronounce names correctly. Just add the correct recording of you pronouncing the name in ‘Name pronunciation’ in the Assistant settings.  
  7. Easy document signing: Just download the PDF of a file. Tap on the pin icon on the top right. Use the touchscreen that opens to sign the file. 
  8. Stop accidental recording: This thing is annoying. To stop it simply say ‘Not for you’ to Siri or Google Assistant. 
  9. Measure anything: In the iPhone, there is an app for it. Just open the app, scan the item from left to right, and measurements of the same will show up. 
  10. Use live captions:  At last, the live captions feature can be very useful. To use to enable it to squeeze the volume button and select live captions from the options that open. 

There you are. We hope that these tips will prove useful for you. 

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