Action movies are fun to watch. They will game good games right? Yes we think alike and so here are 10 movies that would make a great game. 

  • Dredd: In the movie the main character Judges Dredd and his partner, break-in into a high-school to stop a drug lord. This thing fills the movie with action and that is good for a video game.  
  • Baby Driver: The movie is about a getaway driver who drives in sync with pop music. The camera moments are game like and so a driving games based on it won’t be bad.
  • Hard Boiled: The movie is about a cop Tequila Yuen who mixes his fighting and shooting style. The movie has some good shooting scenes and a shooting game based on it will be very entertaining to play. 
  • Leͬon: The Professional:  The movie is about a hit-man and his 12-year old pupil who go about shooting bad guys. Think about it, won’t it be fun to shoot around people as a 12-year old?
  • Battle Royale: The movie is about a group of high-school students who are forced to fight against a totalitarian government. Many battle royale games have been inspired from this movie, so it’s time that the original gets a game of its own. 
  • Brawl In Cell Block 99: The movie is about an jail inmate who must fight and make some things even for a crime boss in the jail or else his family will be killed. It is like the movie is saying, “Make a game out of me!”
  • The Dark Knight:  This Batman movie is a bit grim but it has all the elements that will make a great game with a gripping story.
  • Enter The Dragon: The movie is famous as being Bruce Lee’s finest works. The background of the movie which is a martial arts tournament will make a good tournament based game.
  • Seven Samurai: The movie is about seven samurais who assemble and protect a village from bandits. A game based on it will be entertaining.
  • Kill Bill: The movie is about a Bride who goes about killing her enemies. The movie is full of breath taking action scenes and that is just what a good game needs.

What do you think about the list? If you think more movies like these are worth gamification then name then in the comment box.


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