10 Hilarious Video Game Glitches Of All Time

Who hasn’t played video games? But have you ever wondered about these video games having some funny glitches? Well, get ready to roll on the floor laughing because we are about to tell you the 10 most hilarious video game glitches of all time.

So, grab some popcorns, brace yourself and just continue reading!

10 most hilarious video game glitches of all time:

1. Skyrim

Have you ever seen dragons flying backward? Or horses flying around erratically, the arms of the character dislocating from his shoulder, people launching up in the sky, and whatnot. The world of Skyrim is full of such glitches that are enough to make you laugh and give you a good goofy time.

2. The battlefield 3 beta

In the video game, the perfect-looking players sometimes used to turn into half-worm half-humans who used to fire weapons with their buns instead of their hands. Now, how crazy is that?


10 Most Hilarious Video Game Glitches Of All Time
10 Most Hilarious Video Game Glitches Of All Time

Remember playing PUBG when the cars pass through the walls of the buildings? That wasn’t any superpower present in your car or a special power allotted to your character. That was the glitch of the game. Not only that but PUBG also has glitches where the buildings just won’t appear at all and the virtual world of the video game won’t render properly.

4. Assassin’s creed unity

Assassin’s creed unity hillarious Moment
Assassin’s creed unity hillarious Moment

Imagine an assassin looking like a horrifying monster. If you have played this one, you know how terrifying but also funny this glitch was. Where sometimes, only the eyes or the teeth of the assassin were visible.

5. Sims 4

Another famous game has a very bizarre glitch. When the sims become parents, their babies usually were never like how a baby should be. Instead, the babies in the game have melded like frying pans or even worse when their eyes were jotting out of their heads and the arms and finger of the baby always having some or other kind of issue. Pretty scary, isn’t it?

6. FIFA 18

This one is not just the famous one but is also one of the most hilarious glitches. The glitch is about goalies misbehaving in the video game, players randomly walking through the walls and other things to go in the stand, and characters simply and mischievously disappearing. Isn’t it funny yet strange?

7. Madden NFL 15

Another crazy glitch where one of the characters of the game was the size of a bug while all the others have the normal size of a human. And even though he was very small than the rest of the team, his power, strength, and speed is the same. Making this bug behave like a mule.

8. Heavy Rain

A glitch that knows how to entertain you when you get bored while playing the game.

There’s this prompt in the heavy rain, “Press X to Shaun” that lets you insert this command and as a result, makes your character call or should we say scream out the name “Shaun!”

9. Mount and blade

If you want to see the face of man take up the entire sky, or should we say if you wish to see the sky turning into a scary face with an open mouth, then you have to see the glitch of mount and blade. The face stretches out and covers up the entire sky which is surely a creepy glitch, isn’t it?

10.Lord of the rings

This one is the father of all glitches. The glitch is with the ‘follow’ command in the game, which when inserted makes chairs go around and follow the players.  Well, you can also command to have multiple chairs and make your player sit on them while the chair does the running for you in the fields.

How crazy is that? But definitely, a fun one to try out personally.

So, how many of them you were already aware of? And how many video game glitches have you experienced first-hand? Is there any glitch that we have missed?

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