Stephen King Talks About Mr. Mercedes, The Stand, The Outsider And Upcoming Books in the Interview

Recently, Stephen King talked to a news source about his upcoming books, series, and new seasons of the show. His TV adaptations are gaining more popularity where The Outsider dropped on HBO in January, Mr. Mercedes is set to arrive at its new home on Peacock on October 15, as well as The Stand, which is set to launch on CBS All Access in December. And let’s not forget that the King of horrors published another best-selling book in 2020, and two more books are yet to release in 2021.

King talked about his TV Projects and his new books with the EW. Mr. Mercedes has received strong praise from the critics, but it reached very few viewers. Kings is hoping the series to gain more viewers and gain success on Peacock. King said that viewers would be able to see the entire series on a new network.

King’s Mr. Mercedes series has three seasons, which were adapted from his three books, so if he gets a chance to create the fourth part of the series, then he would do that. Even the creators would love to see it happen, and once the actors know their role perfectly, they try to dig deeper into their role. He also talked about the second season of The Outsider series. Currently, the series has released only one season on HBO, and the network has not announced the second season yet. 

King hinted that the scripts of season 2 are somewhat ready, and he has seen some of them too. He did not talk much about the second season, but he joked that if he told the interviewer, then he would have to kill him. He just said that the second season would have spooky and a great element to the new season. King also talked about The Stand, which is releasing in December. He compared the 1994 book with the series and said that they updated the series. The adaptation is a bit different from the book, and it will have technology and cellphones. When talking about the characters, he said they are terrific. He concluded that the series is big and every actor is good.

King also talked about his upcoming hard case crime book titled Later, which is coming out in 2021. He added that he would be publishing two books next year, but he did not say much about it. Apart from these two books, King is also planning to release another one, but King said that he does not want to say about it yet to the fans.


So that was it! He talked about other topics like politics on Twitter too. If you want to watch the full trailer of Mr. Mercedes, then you can click on the link below.

Stay tuned for more news about Stephen King’s upcoming books and series.


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