Danny Dyer’s game show The Wall returns to BBC One and viewers are hooked

The Danny Dyer-hosted game shows The Wall returned for series two tonight (October 3) and viewers were genuinely hooked. The tense and at times quite stressful game show includes the mixture of strategy, knowledge and maximum luck from its contestants to win as much money as possible.

“Wildly uncertain with heart stopping jeopardy, The Wall gives and The Wall takes away,” the BBC said while teasing the new season. “Expect colossal wins and heartbreaking dropes, this game show really can change people’s lives in an moment.”

In today’s episode, sisters Nichola and Paula took home an impressive £89k, which concluded in tears at the conclusion following their “life-changing” amount of money. Viewers cherished having East Enders star Dyer’s game program back on the whole, with the person tweeting: “#thewall with @MrDDyer is one of the amazing game shows on the tele! Gripping from start to finish.”

One great feature of the show includes complete luck as to where the balls will fall. There appears to be no particular skill to causing them land where you want them to, though screaming at the balls to move looked to be tonight’s main tactic.

Danny Dyer’s game show The Wall returns to BBC One and viewers are hooked

Danny Dyer being Danny Dyer was a talking point, but even the presenter Vernon Kay thought he was an excellent host: “Said it before, I’ll say it again. The way Danny Dyer has totally influenced the format points of TheWall makes him an excellent game show host.”

Danny Dyer has left Mick Carter and his jackets well and truly behind to front a new BBC One game show called The Wall. The show, which connects policy, luck and experience, will allow participants the chance to walk away with a life-changing volume of money. Nevertheless, what The Wall gives, The Wall takes away in a game that will leave observers at the peak of their chairs.

The actor-turned-TV presenter had earlier said he had “never had a wish to entertain a game show” before he saw this game. “I couldn’t turn down the chance to help win the public some severe life-changing readies. I love it.”


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